A problem we are often asked particularly as winter sets in is “Why have my hens stopped laying and is this standard?”  Well with any luck , the answer to this is “Certainly it is standard for hens to quit laying at specified moments of the calendar year”.  However there are numerous reasons why hens quit laying and we will search at these in this report.

Shortening Working day Duration 

Hens need 14 hours of daylight to maintain egg manufacturing and so as day length drops below 12 hours, manufacturing will decrease and usually quit. This will transpire in a natural way in the Western Hemisphere from October as a result of to February/ March. Synthetic gentle can be made use of to prevent this and keep a day length of at least fourteen hours.  It is ideal to increase the morning hours, allowing the birds roost in a natural way as the solar sets.  A forty watt gentle with a timer is sufficient per 100 sq. ft of coop.

Weak Diet regime

Laying eggs employs a whole lot of strength and if highest egg manufacturing is to be obtained it is crucial that the hen has a well-balanced diet.  Inadequate stages of strength, protein or calcium can often trigger a decrease in egg production. This is why it is so crucial to provide your laying hens with a consistent provide of nutritionally balanced layer foodstuff which is made up of a healthy 16% – eighteen% protein. Feeding much too significantly total grains, scratch feeds and kitchen scraps can cause the bird’s diet regime to turn into improperly balanced. Calcium wealthy oyster shells or comparable really should also be freely out there.

In addition as eggs are built up of more than 70% drinking water 1 of the most frequent reasons for a fall in egg manufacturing is a deficiency of fresh drinking water. This can often transpire in winter when the drinking water could freeze and the chicken is not able to consume.

Health issues

One particular of the to start with indicators that a hen is unwell could be a fall in egg manufacturing, keep an eye on the chicken for any other  symptoms these types of as watery eyes or respiration challenges. If you suspect a disease, contact a poultry veterinarian for assist in analyzing your flock to get an precise analysis and treatment.

Age of the Hens

Soon after two or a few several years, quite a few hens egg efficiency declines. This differs tremendously from chicken to chicken and great levels will lay about 50 weeks for every laying cycle.  These cycles will be interrupted by a relaxation interval when the chicken moults. Poorer levels and older hens will moult more often and lay fewer. 


Any tension these types of as moving, dealing with, improvements in environmental situations or a fright (e.g from a predator or a loud noise)  can all contribute to or be the principal trigger for lessened egg manufacturing. Parasites these types of as mites can also trigger problems.

Finally if your hens are totally free range and egg manufacturing has stopped or dropped off it could also be truly worth examining that the birds are not just hiding their eggs somewhere or they are being  eaten by predators or even by other hens. 

Source by Kirsty Peters