A dilemma we are generally questioned particularly as wintertime sets in is “Why have my hens stopped laying and is this standard?”  Well ideally the remedy to this is “Indeed it is standard for hens to stop laying at certain periods of the yr”.  However there are quite a few causes why hens stop laying and we will search at these in this short article.

Shortening Day Duration 

Hens need 14 several hours of daylight to maintain egg generation and so as day duration drops under 12 several hours, generation will decrease and routinely stop. This will happen in a natural way in the Western Hemisphere from Oct via to February/ March. Artificial mild can be made use of to prevent this and maintain a working day duration of at least fourteen several hours.  It is most effective to increase the early morning several hours, permitting the birds roost in a natural way as the sunlight sets.  A 40 watt mild with a timer is sufficient per 100 square ft of coop.

Very poor Diet regime

Laying eggs works by using a whole lot of strength and if utmost egg generation is to be attained it is essential that the hen has a properly-balanced diet.  Inadequate concentrations of strength, protein or calcium can generally induce a decrease in egg production. This is why it is so significant to supply your laying hens with a continual supply of nutritionally well balanced layer foods which incorporates a healthy 16% – 18% protein. Feeding too considerably total grains, scratch feeds and kitchen scraps can cause the bird’s diet regime to come to be improperly well balanced. Calcium abundant oyster shells or related need to also be freely obtainable.

In addition as eggs are produced up of over 70% h2o one of the most frequent causes for a drop in egg generation is a lack of new h2o. This can generally happen in wintertime when the h2o may possibly freeze and the fowl is unable to drink.


One particular of the initial symptoms that a hen is unwell may possibly be a drop in egg generation, keep an eye on the fowl for any other  signs and symptoms these as watery eyes or respiratory problems. If you suspect a disorder, get hold of a poultry veterinarian for support in examining your flock to get an accurate analysis and treatment.

Age of the Hens

Right after two or three several years, a lot of hens egg productivity declines. This may differ drastically from fowl to fowl and fantastic levels will lay about 50 weeks for each laying cycle.  These cycles will be interrupted by a rest period when the fowl moults. Poorer levels and more mature hens will moult more generally and lay significantly less. 


Any pressure these as going, dealing with, changes in environmental problems or a fright (e.g from a predator or a loud sound)  can all contribute to or be the principal induce for diminished egg generation. Parasites these as mites can also induce complications.

At last if your hens are absolutely free array and egg generation has stopped or dropped off it may possibly also be value examining that the birds are not just hiding their eggs somewhere or they are being  eaten by predators or even by other hens. 

Resource by Kirsty Peters