I think that pretty much answers the first part; a video is very engaging to the viewer.  This is similar to a ‘Virtual Tour’, if you’ve ever heard of them.  But it’s even better.  Like watching TV, you are a ‘character’ in your own video. Probably not like Eddie Murphy or anything, but you are much more interesting than a regular picture.  You have personality, which gives you a great advantage in keeping the viewer engaged compared to a couple of boring photos.  And the more engaged they are in your video the more engaged they are in the property that you’re selling.

The second part of the importance of using videos to sell houses is how they can help drive hungry buyers to you.  Videos are unique in how they are picked up in the search engines, so they can get you and your website a lot of attention. These videos that you spend a whole 15 minutes on creating can actually get ranked on the first page of search engine results all by themselves!

From the first page of Google the people who are interested in homes like the one you’re selling click your link and watch the video.  Then they see a description of your property as well as your contact information.  You can choose to have them call you, call an 800#, or go to your website for more information.

It really doesn’t take that much time at all to create a video and plaster it all over the internet. But if this is all a little new to you and seems to be too difficult for you at your current experience level, see ‘author sig’ for more information on this as well as how to get even more traffic to your website and how to “capture” these visitors, building your Future Buyers list.

To get you started I’ll leave you with 3 simple step that will take you from not even owning a video camera to having your videos all over the internet.

  1. The first thing you need to do is get a inexpensive and easy to use Video Camera. 
  2. Next you need to take the video itself.  (It’s as easy as pushing a button and then walking and talking at the same time. Hopefully this is easy for you.)
  3. Finally, plug the camera into your computer and upload to a great little site called TubeMogul.  This site actually sends your video out to several other video sites, like YouTube, at the same time.

And that’s it.  You are now a member of the Video Revolution! Now go get your camera if you don’t have one already and start taking some videos!

Source by Shawn Hutchison