Utube, youtube, utube. We have all grown to love it have not we? Record utube and you have a real treasure any time you want to play it.

A dear friend sent me the most beautiful gift this morning. It did not cost a thing. It was this wonderful url that led me to see just the most beautiful video. I just had to share it with you, who you are.

Chinese Ballet Circus pas de deux troupe du Guangdong is a stunning treat to see. A ballet circus act from China that is set to a wonderful and moving orchestra of music. At first you see the dancers prepare … stretching. I thought later about that being included in the video and decided that it is a perfect insert. It is a parallel to anything one does that is worthwhile. It reminds me that everything in life takes time, if it is to be good and dare I say excellent, it all takes preparation.

We all need things around us to inspire, especially if you are an artist as I am one. I am prompted to create after getting a buzz from something so touchingly beautiful like the Utube video, "Chinese Ballet Circus pas de deux troupe du Guangdong"

It is just stunning.

We often do not take the time to refresh out souls with beauty if we are busy at all. We must though because other new creations are not possible, not with any freshness at least.

So "Thank You", Utube, youtube, utube, however you decide to phrase it, it adds up to wonderful inspiration that motivates the spirit it soar.

Source by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen