Regardless of what niche your in, videos can transcend both the niche marketplace and the average person's ability to drive traffic to a website. Once video with the "right stuff" can easily go viral and spread lie wildfire. But even if you are not a video production engineer you can still get great traffic numbers simply by giving away your free videos.

First lets take a quick look at why you should use video marketing to drive traffic to your websites.

Videos can be done for free. The simplest and easiest videos are free. They can be made in software from Microsoft and could be a few slides of a presentation and an audio clip. All of which you can produce reliably quickly once you get the hang of the software.

Videos let people "see" you. The real you. If you are creating videos, especially for branding yourself or your business, then you should appear in the videos. This means people will now have a face to associate with both your voice and your products. This alone means people know you are "real" which can have a positive impact on traffic generation.

Video let you establish more rapport with customers. When people get to know you and your products they become more receptive to dealing with you. This means a greater rapport and reputation within the community. People like to know who they are dealing with. Videos let them get to know more about you.

Videos are very useful for people who do not like to read everything / Let's face it, not all people like to read. Some of us are way too busy to read everything. Some of us are way to lazy. Either way, videos offer another avenue for your market to absorb your content.

Videos can be combined into a series and used as a product. If you have been creating free videos to give away for the increased traffic to your sites, then make a few extras. Once you have enough video content package them all together as a combined product. Another option is to release snippets or shorter sections of your production videos as the free samples. This gets your customers intrigued about the content and wets their appetites for more.

None of this even has to do with YouTube yet. Do not forget that you can give away your free videos from your own websites. Place them on other peoples sites and in video directories. The more places people can have access to your free videos the bigger increase in traffic will be.

Source by Derek Wood