A movie I designed around two years in the past for the soul intent of likely viral on youtube, 1 million views in a week and just shy over two million views to date. Highlighted throughout automotive internet sites to standard everyday new web-sites these as yahoo, CNN, everyday telegraphy and so forth…


Japanese yakuza gangsters, biker gangs and exotic tremendous autos.

Model is individual, entertaining is universal. Which is what you need to embrace right before viewing this movie. Morohoshi-san is living in between the lines, somewhere in that grey section. Mixing with the undesirables and modifying his Lamborghini in techniques most of us would under no circumstances dream of carrying out. His fashion is one of a kind and questionable but just one points for positive, he is also occupied having entertaining to care what you assume! And that is actually what makes him a neat character.

Directed, scripted, cinematography and edited all by a just one guy crew, Luke Huxham.

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