Business owners and marketers know that the traditional forms of marketing are important, but not many marketers think about using simple tools like YouTube for business promotion.

There are essentially many ways that YouTube can benefit a business, but business owners must do specific things to make YouTube work for them. Here are five tips for using YouTube for business marketing.

1. Create Tags

There are many great videos that don’t get seen simply because the uploader didn’t want to create any tags for the video. YouTube gives people option of including relevant tags to help their video get found. Marketers are the worst about not using the tag system. If they do use tags, the tags are usually few or not dominant.

2. Produce A Quality Video

The quality of your video says a lot about you as a business owner or marketer. Video marketing can only be effective when you produce a high quality video. You may even want to hire a production company to help you create a video that is optimized for your video marketing campaign.

3. Create A Description

The description you create could be a transcript of the video, additional tips, links back to your main site or a summary of your video. The choice is yours, and your description will depend on the type of video you upload. However, people tend to respond to business videos that have additional links or information in the description box.

4. Keep The Video Short

Nobody will watch an entire 30 minute video. You will be lucky to have people watch a five minute video. You must do your best to make a video presentation that is under 5 minutes and still give people all the important information.

It’s actually quite easy to make a three minute video and still present all the important information. The reason why so many marketers produce 30 minute videos is because they either include irrelevant information, rabbit trail or repeat themselves unnecessarily. Worst yet, they could do all of these things in the same video.

5. Share The Video

Marketers will often upload a great company video to YouTube, but then do nothing with it, hoping that the video becomes popular on its own. Unfortunately, business videos are one of the least desired-to-watch video types on YouTube. Therefore, if you want your video to become viral, you will have to expand on your YouTube strategy by sharing the video on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and your own website. You should also create articles for different article sites and include the video within your article. Hubpages allows authors to use videos from YouTube in their articles.


YouTube can be a great benefit to business owners. However, your success with this medium will depend on the amount of time and work you put into it.

Source by Dale Leonard