Sony A7R Test Photos: ILCE7R A7r Golden Cowgirl Model & Gold 45 Revolver! Carl Zeiss Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA Lens. finished in Lightroom 5.3 !

Merry Xmas & Pleased Holidays! Really sweet cowgirl! Sony A7R Take a look at Images: ILCE7R A7r Golden Cowgirl Model with Gold forty five Revolver! Carl Zeiss Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA Lens. concluded in Lightroom five.three ! Putting on cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and cutoff jeans shorts although modeling 45surf t-shirts and hoodies! Tall, fin, in good shape, and tan with prolonged, silky prolonged blond hair and fairly blue eyes! A goddess!

Was tests the Sony HVL-F60M Exterior Flash on the Sony A7r. You can see it likely off in some of the pics (test the exif if in doubt)–labored wonderful, but it overheated a little bit faster than my Nikon flash on the D800E. But it’s all superior!

This is some epic goddess video shot at the similar time as stills making use of my 45surfer process/philosophy:

Be part of Johnny Ranger McCoy’s youtube channel for goddess video shot @ the similar time as the stills with the Sony A7 !

Wonderful swimsuit bikini product goddess on a lovely December Malibu afternoon! Shot it yesterday. 🙂 Really like, appreciate, appreciate the new Sony A7 R!

Was a entertaining exam shoot. Lots of, many additional to occur!

All the finest on your Epic Hero’s Journey from Johnny Ranger McCoy!

Modeling the black & white 45surf & black & gold “Gold forty five Revolver” Gold’N’Virtue outfits with the primary equation to Transferring Dimensions Concept on the swimsuits: dx4/dt=ic. Of course I have a Ph.D. in physics! 🙂 You can study additional about my analysis and Hero’s Journey Physics below: MDT Proof#2: Einstein (1912 Person. on Rel.) and Minkowski wrote x4=ict. Ergo dx4/dt=ic–the foundational equation of all time and motion which is on all the shirts, outfits, and swimsuits. Each individual photon that hits my Nikon D800e’s sensor does it by surfing the fourth growing dimension, which is transferring at c relative to the a few spatial dimensions, or dx4/dt=ic!

Could the Hero’s Journey Mythology Goddess inspire you (as they have influenced me!) alongside your own inventive journey! Really like, appreciate, appreciate the 35mm Carl Zeiss Lens on the new Sony A7R! 🙂

All the Very best on Your Epic Hero’s Journey from Johnny Ranger McCoy!

Channeling Clint Eastwood & Sergio Leone on an previous western established! The cowgirl places the forty five in 45surf! 🙂

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