You have occur to the ideal location to obtain Christi Paul shots. I much too am a major admirer of Christi Paul on CNN. And I am not alone. If you consider you are a major admirer of Christi Paul pictures, you may well be and you are in good company.

There are a lot of of us who love watching Christi Paul on CNN Headline News. But did you know that Christi is also an accomplished singer, and that she was runner up to the Miss Ohio title? Continue to keep reading for far more terrific news, bio and photos of Christi Paul.

Christi Paul supporters are interested in realizing far more about Christi’s lifestyle, which includes Christi Paul’s spouse, and irrespective of whether Christi Paul is expecting.

I can’t tell you the reply to the second question, due to the fact I do not know Christi Paul personally. Only she is familiar with, but I consider the stories and rumors about Christi’s being pregnant, are just that, rumors.

Christi’s spouse is Pete Paul.

Here is an exercpt from an interview in 2006 with Christi and her spouse, Pete:

If you’ve ever tuned your tv to CNN on the weekend, then Headline News anchor Christi Paul is possibly a acquainted confront. This is what Christi and her spouse of a few years, Pete, informed us about the surprises in marriage and what will make theirs work.

WHAT Attracted YOU TO Each individual OTHER?

Pete: Christi’s obtained a good heart. I noticed that she hardly ever stated an unkind or unfavorable factor about any one. That’s an endearing good quality you do not obtain often these days.

Christi: Pete’s obtained a terrific sense of humor he will make me giggle and smile consistently. In point, the second time I noticed him I remember my confront damage for the reason that we might been collectively for several hours and laughed so significantly.


Pete: We do not sweat the small things. We are the two really laid back.

Christi: Perhaps for the reason that we might the two been by means of complicated interactions prior to acquiring each individual other, but we have a serious appreciation for tolerance and calmness. We place factors into standpoint and check out not to get bent out of shape about factors that really do not make any difference. Pete’s been a terrific instructor to me in that regard.

Close of interview.

A lot of of you possibly know that Christi Paul is an accomplished singer. She sang the Nationwide Anthem for the Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins recreation.

Here is the tale as introduced by CNN.

“CNN Headline News anchor, Christi Paul, wowed athletics supporters yesterday with her rendition of the Nationwide Anthem at the Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins recreation. Christi is a formally trained singer and was third runner up Miss Ohio in 1993.

Anyone who missed Christi at yesterday’s recreation can capture her tomorrow (Friday AM) as she substitute anchors for Headline News’ early morning demonstrate, Robin & Corporation (6am to 10am ET). ” Now regarded as “Morning Categorical with Robin Meade.

Properly, there is a ton far more to like about Christi Paul, and we will converse about it next time. To get far more data and shots about Christi Paul ideal now, see beneath.

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