What I have found in my work in sales is that selling is not a matter of product knowledge, who you know, or handling objections. It is a matter of finding industry to sell in. Something you love, one of your hobbies, a dream. Anything that is you. We are in an age where we need to start thinking more about ourselves as people. We need to find what we love and do it whole heartedly. What I did as a salesman and this bought me more sales in a shorter period of time than anything else I have ever put my mind to and it was pure and simple concentration. I was sick so I decided o stay in bed because I had to work on the weekend from Thursday to Sunday. I focused on the screen of my mind images and movies of myself selling.

I mean everything. I showed customers my product, I showed them how my service would help them save money, I even made my customers laugh. But the key was that I imagined closing sale after sale after sale. Now this weekend I was still sick when I went into work. I thought to myself "no one is going to want to talk to me. Look at me!" I was sick with a box of tissue to go along with it. I killed that image in my head. That weekend with a runny nose, cough, and congestion I made over a thousand dollars in commission. Never in my life had I made so much money in so little time. I was flawless. Everything I did seemed effortless.

I had successfully trained my mind to bring to me what I wanted. I ran circles around my co-workers; they even had to help me with my customers' paper work. The best part was that I was so sick in fact that I could not go into work on Saturday (one of our best days second only to Sunday.) I had never stayed in bed a whole day imaging sales. But I forced myself to try to bring about change.

Source by Rudy Flores