Mermaid Melissa seaweed

Mermaid in the seaweed.

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Direct: 407-923-2032
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Underwater Effectiveness Tips, Routines, acts, showcases, stay.
No fat Belt, No air tubes, No cost Diving, Breath Maintain.

Stunt Expert No cost Diver Mermaid Melissa Dawn act tips breath hold.
Choreographed Synchronized Underwater Stay Underwater Routines, specialty acts: free of charge diving, breath keeping stunts, Mermaid performers in aquariums. is run by Mermaid Melissa LLC Generation Corporation that develops and delivers a completely packaged demonstrate, tailored to their specifications. Our Elite workforce has an intensive stay demonstrate enjoyment background.

“The Worlds Foremost Expert Mermaid Performer For Hire”
Mermaid Melissa is a actual lifestyle inspiration of dwelling out your childhood dreams and creating fantasy a actuality. With a 4-5 minute breath hold, palms on encounter doing the job with killer whales, dolphins, sharks, stingrays, and executing in aquariums throughout the world. Melissa has turned her nickname into an enjoyment agency business enterprise for her workforce of specialised performers and pursuing a enthusiasm she loves, sharing her tale of seeking to be 1 with the animals of the sea.
As a skilled aquatic stunt design, Melissa is intensely included in the enjoyment industry. Many aquariums throughout the world have featured Melissa as their direct mermaid act basing their million greenback tasks all around her famed initial principles, routines, advertisement campaigns, videos, & capability to educate in performers for Japans premier Aquarium for about twenty million viewers on Television specific, and direct mermaid at Ripley’s Consider it or Not Aquarium for about 3 months, 4 reveals a day, seven day a week contracts.
She credits her latest ongoing career of eight decades as a pro free of charge diver at Sea Globe Orlando and her encounter branching out in numerous superior profile roles executing for crowds as massive as eight,000 for the Shamu Clearly show as a critical resource for community talking and a solid resolve to strive for one thing even larger to enable our oceans.
With the premier mermaid lover foundation (found on social media stores) because first debuting videos in 2005, she has because been found as a mermaid on MTV, audio videos, animal ambassador, PSA commercials, released a mermaids kid’s reserve, month-to-month columnist for Mermaid Magazine, and would make a substantial splash in the push wherever at any time she is found creating stay appearances!
Melissa’s hopes that with enjoyment we can distribute schooling with her concept: “Let us enable conserve our oceans in advance of all creatures become Mythical.”

Mermaid Melissa 4:18 breath hold video: at?v=bittzHDrumY

Real Daily life Mermaid for Hire – Mermaid Performer – “Mermaid Melissa”
Mermaid Performer – Expert Mermaid For Hire – Mermaid Work – Mermaid Profession

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