You want more traffic right? Of course you do! Who does not? More traffic means more sales and profits. A great way to do this is to use your own ebooks as a viral salesman. Let me explain.

You can create a product with the intent of letting others sell it. When you sell it on eBay, make sure the buyers know that they have your permission to sell it on. Look around on the auction site and I bet you'll see many sellers selling the same item. This is viral marketing in action.

By using this technique you can put your own personality into it by including cool links to web destinations of your choice. Effectively the better the product the better it will be as viral tool. To be successful, first of all it needs to be interesting to the buyer and informative for the buyer to even think of selling it.

Preferably at the top for the eBook you need to tell your buyer and readers that they are free to give the eBook away to anyone they like. You can suggest they give it away as a free gift, bonus etc. By doing this the viral marketing process spreads. I think it's very important to make sure they know what they can and can not do with your product as they can help build your business without them even knowing it.

Your product will need to be more or less perfect. A product that has spelling mistakes and bad grammar will less likely be sold or passed around.

Source by M Nguyen