Consistently building one way back links to ones sites or blogs typically results to improved Page Rank and subsequent higher targeted traffic. Getting the nods of the major search engines are one of the benefits of having quality and relevant one way back links because there will also be more awareness of the brand of such online business and many other people will begin to connect to such site or business from these links. YouTube is one of the ways you can successfully use to build quality back links to your website or blog.

Your journey to start getting one way back links from YouTube videos start by simply creating quality videos. The video has to be simple but very professionally made without flaws. It is easier to create professional videos today than it was some years back because you can now easily get any of the low cost or even free video software and pad it up with licensed music online. If this option is not for you, you can opt for outsourcing your video creation needs to other professional who will create the videos for you at some fees. You can get them at Scriptlance or oDeck.

There are many ways you can use the videos you create or the ones that are created for you to brand your business online. One of them is that your can change the background theme to be just like the background of your website, you can also upload the banner of your site to the info box so that it will be displayed in all the pages of the video. You can also customize by adding channel bar and tracking image URL.

After you must have fully customized the video with links to your site or blog in tact, it will be time to start distributing such video. You may start sharing the video from your site but make sure that you upload the video at YouTube using some targeted keywords as the anchor texts. If there are some people who sees the video and questions questions, make sure that you answer such questions prompting. This will help to boost the confidence of those that will view the video in the near future and it can even make the person that asked such a question to freely share the link to your video thereby giving you unsolicited publicity.

You may have to be more creative in your video so that it is as entertaining as it contains quality information. These factors are those that will determine how viral your video will spread on the internet. The more spread your video gets the more valuable it becomes in the 'eyes' of the search engines' robots and Google especially will reward your site or blog with relative higher page rank if your video is viral enough and attract tones or viewers and comments. You can try your hands in creating any of the 'How To' videos today and see the positive effects it will have in your link building and traffic driving quest.

Source by Ruslan Rabichev