Audio should not be overlooked online. It’s in high demand and provides several benefits.

With audio, people can bring it anywhere. They can listen to it while driving, walking, running or riding a public transport.

It is also easy to produce using free software and can easily be shared online on blogs, websites and social media.

On Facebook today, users can also share their favorite audio files whether it be their own compositions, music of other artists or their podcasts.

One of the easiest ways to share you audio on Facebook is via a video with audio.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Upload file

Facebook does not provide a storage space for videos and audio files.

But it does allow users to upload these files on the site for sharing with friends and colleagues.

To upload your video, go to your Timeline or profile page and on the status box, click Photo.

You will then be asked “Add to Post?” Confirm by clicking on it.

You will next be shown the browse button which you can use to upload your video file.

Once you’ve found the file on your computer, you can add a short message or description on top where it states “Say something about this… ” Click Post when you’re done.

You can also upload your file on the News Feed page.

On the top of the page where the status update box is situated, you will see the Add Photos/Videos option beside Update Status. Click on it and then confirm by clicking the Add to Post? option.

Then do the same step by searching for the file using the Browse button, put a description if you like and then hit the Post button when you’re done.

Step 2: Share the link

If you have a video uploaded on YouTube or an audio file uploaded somewhere online, you can share them on Facebook by posting the link or web URL.

What you should do first is search for your file and get the link.

Once you have copied the link, go back to Facebook and look for the status update box either on your Timeline or on the News Feed.

Paste the link in the box and wait for it to display the image and short introduction on the site. You may type a message or description on top before hitting the Post button.

Step 3: Use third-party services

A third option is to use third-party services. Most video and audio sharing sites today provide social media buttons making it easy for users to share files on their favorite social media sites.

On YouTube, for instance, below the video are sharing options such as the embed code and social media buttons to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ among others.

To share a YouTube video on Facebook, simply click the Facebook icon below the file.

On the window that will appear next, choose where you’d like to share it by clicking the down arrow beside the Share option on the left. Click on your preference then type a message or description on the box below that says “Write something… “

When you’re sure about the file and your message, click the Share Link button below to share it on Facebook.

Source by Wendy Chamberlain