Producing movies on YouTube for money is a dream shared by many young filmmakers and blogger enthusiasts. Who would not want to talk about or do stuff in front of a camera and be paid to do it? This can be made possible through YouTube's Partner Program.

What is the Partner Program?

The Partner Program is a program that when you are accepted into, YouTube will serve ads on your videos and when a person clicks on the ad, you earn a profit. If you have enough videos that generate enough views, this could mean you getting big bucks.

How do I get into the Partner Program?

In order to get into YouTube's Partner Program, you need to have high quality videos and lots of subscribers. The actual amount of video views and subscribers is not an exact number, and it also relates a lot on the application you submit to YouTube. Do not try to submit an application for your channel when you only have 50 subscribers and 10k views, you are going to be denied. Also you need to be producing videos consistently, say a few per month, in order to be considered. The more videos you produce, the more ads that are going to be served, and the more likely YouTube is going to accept your application. So basically, being accepted relies on a few things in no particular order:

1) Number of video views
2) Number of subscribers
3) Quality of Videos
4) Activeness on YouTube

Ok, So How do I get the Money?

So you think you can be accepted into the partner program, but your not really sure about how you are going to earn the money and how much you are actually going to make. In order to receive money you are going to need a Google AdSense account, which you can easily create once you are accepted into the program or you might already have if you have a website serving Google ads. The amount of money you receive per click or per view on your video varies broadly with your topic. Usually you earn anywhere from $ .02 to $ .70 per click. Clicking rates from my personal experience can range from% 2-% 5 on your video. That means for every 1k views on your video you can earn around $ 10-20.

This can end up with a lot of cash in your pocket if you have videos that are getting thousands of views per day. So why are you still reading this article? Start researching funny videos and create your own. Make sure to watch some of the already popular videos released by partners.

Source by Curtis M Larson