Furry Purry Fluffy Kittens ( Anger Management )

I was gonna put a movie on of the roadworks exterior our dwelling with an unhinged and paranoid diatribe about how they are driving me crazy, anyway it finished with me dribbling in excess of and in excess of again FURRY PURRY FLUFFY KITTENS FURRY PURRY FLUFFY KITTENS ( since they’ve been hiding from the racket and I essential kitten treatment ). Then I discovered this image from late past night, I imagined I’d be significantly less most likely to be taken absent if I put this on instead.

Anyone don’t forget the Mighty Boosh with Naboo’s ‘ kitten-in-a-barrel ‘ anger management session with Howard ? Glance at Philip’s eyes and your anger will recede like an ocean………
If that isn’t going to operate I’ve received an otter in a bib………

Posted by Dan Belton ( No Badger Cull ) on 2013-10-eighteen fifteen:36:24

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