Warning: has language & suggestions that will disagree with some beliefs

This online video has a compilation of observed footage of folks talking on the challenge of Third Wave Feminism. Both footage of the folks talking is shown or yet another clip of protestors from many situations with discussion of feminism audio.

As mentions this whole online video is observed footage from YouTube made up of news interviews, feminist protests and individuals’ views on this challenge. Critical formal aspects employed predominantly consist of slicing and juxtaposition of footage & audio, as properly as pausing, fading & cropping of the body.

Influences of popular tradition, meme tradition and latest challenges are explored throughout the online video. Wandering into the realm of viral films, this clip has humor, sarcasm, information & common misconceptions of modern-day working day feminism.

The central strategy of this clip is to emphasize the hypocrisy that is evident inside modern society relating to equality and feminism. Building of the online video evidently highlights the absurdity of promises produced in modern-day modern society about sexism and inequality. The purpose of the online video is to clearly show how the strategy of feminism has transformed and turn into a ludicrous motion promoting the oppression of liberty of speech no issue what gender.

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