Does my ex still think about me? Use these 8 ways to tell whether or not you are on your ex’s mind:

#8: Word Of Mouth – If you can see or overhear that your ex talks about you to their family, friends, or colleagues, it’s clear that they still think about you. You can see if they talk about you by monitoring their Facebook or social accounts as well.

#7: Contact Is Still Open – If an ex keeps contact and communication open (even if they don’t always respond, or even if they ignore you), it’s clear they DO want to hear from you, and DO still think about you.

#6: Dating Is Out Of The Question – You know your ex hasn’t dated anyone since. They may talk to people, but they just don’t take anything further. A person only does that when they are not over their last love.

#5: Your Ex Asks You If You Are Still Single– The only reason your ex wants to know this is because you are still on their mind and they are still attracted to you. It bothers them to think that you are moving on or are dating again.

#4: Your Ex Stalks You – You may not realize it but they look at your Facebook, or watch for updates wherever you go online. A simple way to test this is to create a YouTube account, put up a couple videos of yourself in it, and send it to your ex and tell them you’ve got a YouTube account. Watch your account views, and if they go up steadily, you can tell that your ex is monitoring you all the time.

#3: You Call And Your Ex Eagerly Answers – Before your ex might have ignored you, but now your ex picks up and talks to you. Moreover, your ex picks up right away, and if you say you want to go, they become anxious and want to keep you on the phone longer.

#2: Your Ex Apologizes – They will call you sometimes and will apologize, even for things which you have long since forgot about; or they will just continuously say they are sorry or that they messed up. This means your ex has been reflecting and misses you.

#1: Your Ex Will Meet You – A simple way to tell if your ex has been missing you is to suggest a meeting; if your ex is extremely open to the idea and even suggests that you should meet today; it’s clear they miss you and you have been on their mind.

Source by Krista Hiles