Listed here I will reveal what a favorites listing is and how it’ll greatly enhance your knowledge.

What are Favorites Lists?

These are lineups of your favorite channels. You can generate and alter the lists, including and eliminating channels as you desire. Your channels can be grouped into up to four lists.

  • When working with a Favorites Checklist, the Application Guidebook and Browse Banner screen only the channels in the Favorites Checklist. When you use the distant command UP or DOWN ARROW to alter channels, the receiver skips channels that are not mentioned.
  • The All Chan listing is made up of all the channels which include channels not in your recent subscription. You are not able to make any changes to the All Chan.
  • The All Sub listing is made up of all the channels in your subscription. You are not able to make any alter to the All Sub, besides by shifting your subscription.
  • The All High definition listing is made up of all of the High definition channels in your subscription, as perfectly as about-the-air digital channels if your receiver is connected to an about-the-air antenna.
  • Every single has a exceptional coloration in the Application Guidebook. You can also give just about every listing a identify. The four lists are named Checklist one, 2, 3, and 4, till you alter the listing identify. The listing are empty till you add channels to them.
  • If you pick a plan working with Themes or by coming into a channel quantity working with the distant controls, the receiver tunes to the channel for that plan whether or not or not that channel is energetic.
  • You can consist of about-the-air channels in your Checklist if an about-the-air antenna is connected to the receiver.

Generating or Changing Beloved Lists

  • You can generate, add channels to, and get rid of channels. When you use only those channels in your listing are demonstrated in the Application Guidebook and Browse Banner.
  • Push MENU on your distant command. Decide on Choices, and then Favorites.
  • Decide on the listing that you want to alter
  • Decide on Modify Checklist
  • Applying the Decide on button, add or delete channels from the listing.
  • Decide on Performed

Naming Favorites

You can identify your Favorites regardless of what you want, up to 8 people extensive.

  1. Push Menu on your distant command. Decide on Choices, and then decide on favorites.
  2. Decide on the listing that you want to rename.
  3. Decide on Edit Identify
  4. Enter the identify you want
  5. Decide on Performed

Applying Favorites Lists

Push Guidebook to open the Application Guidebook. Push Guidebook once more to decide on the future Favorites Checklist. Push Guidebook regularly to scan by means of all the accessible.

Notice: Guidebook only functions in this manner if the Guidebook button is selected underneath MENU, Choices, Favorites, and Guidebook Options.


  • Two lists are not able to have the identical identify
  • Pressing Guidebook to swap Favorites Lists capabilities only if you have added channels to the Favorites, pressing Guidebook switches to the Favorites Checklist. If you have not designed a Favorites Checklist, pressing Guidebook switches the receiver involving the All Chan, All Sub, and All High definition.


Why are channels missing from the Application Guidebook?

  • You may possibly have a Checklist that does not incorporate those channels. Push Guidebook till the All Chan or All Sub displays.
  • You may possibly have channels cbd products and concealed.

These hints will assist greatly enhance the user knowledge by allowing customers to lookup discover what he or she is seeking for any time of the working day.

Resource by Steven J Keipert