HGTV Knocking

Wow! For the last two weeks we’ve had a production company in our house filming an episode for a new show on HGTV due out next year. While it was fun, it was also hard work and I’m sure you can image the chaos with 5 kids and no refrigerator for 2 weeks! Ultimately, we had a great experience! So I’m sure the first thing you’re wondering is how the heck did we get chosen out of all the other options out there… well, let’s try to figure it out together so it can happen to you!

By the way, in the middle of all of this, my frenetic business pace still marched on as I traveled twice to speak with the North and South Carolina Association of Realtors and Coldwell Banker Gundaker in St. Louis. In all of these situations I could see a clear theme developing, one that was very congruent with the main theme of my Mastermind Coaching Group. When posed with the ultimate question, what’s the main goal of this group, the majority answered; to become better business people.

The End

So it hit me. I believe that the very same technique used to attract the T.V. show is the same one I used to become a speaker, coach and an ever improving business man. The clue really starts with the late Steven Covey’s charge to Start with the End in Mind. For example, many years ago, I envisioned being on T.V. in the capacity of a real estate expert. Since that first vision, I’ve been able to get small stints talking about the real estate ups and downs for my friend who produces for Fox News and also did some filming with another friend at a production company in Boston.

Get Some Paint

Well, then I got the call to preview my house for a new show and we were chosen. Now, you might think I’m crazy, but that’s not The End I had in mind… I want a “show”… so after a few more seeds planted during filming, I’m meeting with producers to further discuss one of my ideas. So what’s that have to do with all those Realtors I spoke with during the last two weeks? Before I reveal the simple secret to getting what you want or becoming better at anything, the least of which is becoming a more successful real estate agent, I must give credit to a gal that came up to me after a session and praised me for ending the “ambulance chasing mentality.”

I loved it, because in an instant I knew she got it. She saw that you must see the target you’re trying to hit first before you ever begin the how. If you don’t, then there’s no way you’ll know what tools you’ll really need and every time the flashing lights go off, you’ll wander off into the poppy fields chasing ambulances. So what’s the most important tool you’ll need? Well a paint brush of course! If you can’t paint a self image portrait of who you will be when you get to the goal, how will you ever be able to become better? You see TODAY, all you need to do is erase the picture of the person not getting what they want and redraw the new one and start acting “as-if” you’re already there!

Source by Danny Griffin