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Author: mandmweb

How Secure is Your Antivirus Program?

All around the world 90% of users are infected by computer viruses that are invisible to the average computer operator. Viruses are small executable programs which have the ability to change the behavior of an operating system or any application. Many viruses are found in the form of files for example: .EXE, .BAT. 60% of viruses have a destructive effect on your computer file system. Many of the viruses can directly corrupt operating system files. And out of 90%, 70% of viruses are targeted to attack computers of the home user. There is malicious intent in this strategy as it targets many home users lack of programming knowledge and / or how a virus attacks their PC. Viruses are mainly written by the people to show their programming skills, cleverness and talent. Some people love to write viruses to have fun with their friends and neighbors: some people just make viruses for egotistical reasons. Currently people are writing viruses for financial gain, (spyware). I would like to give you an example: there is a commonly known virus, if this virus comes to your PC it will decrypt your complete hard drive and it will not allow you to access your hard drive. Then this virus will ask you to send $ 25 by PayPal to fix this problem or encrypt your hard drive back. To make your PC secure...

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Steps to Remove a Virus

Preventing virus infection is much easier than taking the steps to remove a virus. Unfortunately most internet users leave their system open for compromise. Millions of potential risks are hidden within malicious websites and downloadable files. This number expands everyday with new, evolved viruses being spread worldwide. Anyone who uses a computer consistently has had to deal with a harsh virus infection – with us relying more on our home computers to bank, shop and so forth.. Is it really worth it to go unprotected? Although no virus is the same and require unique handling, there are several ‘rough’ steps you can take to repair the infected system. Steps to remove a virus Step 1: Scan If your PC is bootable in safe mode, run your anti-virus program to scan the whole system, you may need to connect to the Internet to update your anti-virus or download an anti-virus application. Several websites offer a free scan for your system if you’re on a tight budget. Unfortunately they cannot repair the infection – it leads us to step 2. Step 2: locate and destroy Once you have found the name of the specific virus that has corrupted your system, you can do an information search online for more details and guides geared towards that type of virus. If you have advanced knowledge of your operating system, you can do a...

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The Money is in the List – Some Tips to Help You Build It

Everyone who is involved in Internet Marketing will tell you that the money is in the list. If you do not have a list then you have no one to sell to. You have no one to sell to and you will start to resemble one of those poor little church mice !! The first question that I asked when I started Internet marketing was "How do I build a list?" The most simple way is to subscribe to a mailing list provider. Some of these offer a free service. Invariably there will be restrictions on the number of messages you can send, with an option to upgrade to a full membership. Other providers will only provide a paid for service. Possibly the biggest problem that will occur with this method of promotion is finding out that your mailing for product "A" goes out at the same time that my mailing for product "A" goes out with the same list provider. Having decided that you will take your first steps on building your list, the next item to be considered is what you will be offering in exchange for someone's e-mail address. A lot of analysis has been done and it is generally agreed that on average it takes 8 to 10 contacts before someone will buy a product off the internet. Rather than offering something up for sale,...

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The Impact of Marketing in the Society – Can We Really Make a Difference?

Definitions Marketing is generally thought of as the process of promoting goods and services to the end user. We can think of this as McDonald’s advertising its Big Mac in such a way that we feel that we really need one for lunch. This demonstrates the advertising piece of the marketing mix, and is the element that most people identify with marketing. Society is generally defined as the condition in which members of a community live together for their mutual benefit. Societies are more than just the individual members that make up the group, but the sum of the collective. We are all members of a society, and interact with the other members in that community. So what is the impact of marketing in the society? Negative Connotations of Marketing – They Made Me Do It Ever since society passed from a Subsistence economy (I grow my own food, make my own clothes, and don’t need anyone else to help me) to a Trade economy (I’ll grow some food to sell to you, if you will make some clothes to sell to me) we have had the challenge of marketing our products and services to others (Uh-oh, now that there are two people making clothes in my town I’d better let people know why they should buy mine). And ever since that first sales pitch there have been criticisms...

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Authors: How to Effectively Use YouTube to Market Your Books AND Position Your Expertise

I’ve had a YouTube channel for years. Until recently, I didn’t have a focused theme. I was all over the place uploading videos that addressed many topics. Whatever struck my fancy, I would turn on my camera or iPhone and presto! a video was created. Although some of my videos received thousands of views, the majority had under 100 views each. Not a good return on investment for the time it takes to shoot a video and upload it. The amount of work that goes into a video with 10 views compared to 10,000 views is the same. This supports the philosophy to plan out marketing regardless of the avenues you choose. YouTube is Powerful for Marketing YouTube is one of the most powerful resources for marketing and visibility. However, as I discovered through careful analysis, it takes more, much more, than simply uploading videos. My goal with my YouTube Channel and videos is to teach viewers how to market their books, sell more books and make more money in their business. With this in mind, I am adjusting my efforts to achieve greater results from my efforts. You will be well-served to do the same. Be Clear on Your Purpose and Goals To get the most out of your efforts you need to be extremely clear on the purpose of your channel. You also need to optimize your...

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