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Author: mandmweb

PC Virus Removal

Removing a virus from your PC manually can be one the hardest kind of computer repairs. Luckily there are many different software programs out there that can help. To remove a virus you will need a combination of Virus software, Spyware software and a startup manager piece of software. These three are still not enough. You need to know the right process in which to run the software pieces to remove the PC virus. The good news is we have the process right here to repair your computer. We will provide a few free programs but recommend you actually go out and purchase a good all in one security suit. The first thing is to boot normal. Once logged in you will need to turn off the system restore. The reason for this is because many viruses will hide in this area. Now reboot and boot into safe mode with networking. Once you are booted into safe mode with networking you will need to download, the free AVG anti virus, Spybot Search and destroy, highjackThis, and ad-aware. Install all programs and then update them. Now download CCleaner, install and run. Remove all those junk temp files. Now run ad-aware and Spybot. Both programs can run at the same time. Once they finish reboot normal, if you were asked to run Spybot again on boot then let it run. Now...

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Do You Ever Wonder Why Sometimes Situations Appear to Go So Badly Wrong?

How could something go so badly, having just satisfactorily fed well over 5,000 people, from five small loaves and two small fish? There are times when people just have to be told to sit down. Jesus Christ returns from Jerusalem and a great crowd follow him around the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee. They knew ‘the water into wine man’ was back in town. He realised they had travelled far, and would be tired and possibly hungry. Jesus tests disciple Philip, asking where they could buy bread for everyone to be fed and satisfied, although Jesus knew what he was going to do. He is concerned about the people because he cares. He still cares. Philip’s calculating pessimism is expressed. We do not have enough money for this vast number. Kratom helps overcome addictions, acts as a natural pain reliever, and has few health risks,you can read here more about Kratom. Disciple Andrew mentions that there is a boy here with five small barley rolls and two small fish, but that is not very much among so many. Barley bread was the bread of poorer people – wheat bread being for those who could afford it. Jesus commands the people to sit down. He took the bread and the fish, gave thanks, and started breaking it, distributing what he was creating, to the people. The Creator was creating, and...

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How to Upload Audio to Facebook

Audio should not be overlooked online. It’s in high demand and provides several benefits. With audio, people can bring it anywhere. They can listen to it while driving, walking, running or riding a public transport. It is also easy to produce using free software and can easily be shared online on blogs, websites and social media. On Facebook today, users can also share their favorite audio files whether it be their own compositions, music of other artists or their podcasts. One of the easiest ways to share you audio on Facebook is via a video with audio. Here’s how. Step 1: Upload file Facebook does not provide a storage space for videos and audio files. But it does allow users to upload these files on the site for sharing with friends and colleagues. To upload your video, go to your Timeline or profile page and on the status box, click Photo. You will then be asked “Add to Post?” Confirm by clicking on it. You will next be shown the browse button which you can use to upload your video file. Once you’ve found the file on your computer, you can add a short message or description on top where it states “Say something about this… ” Click Post when you’re done. You can also upload your file on the News Feed page. On the top of the page...

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Prevent the Flu Like a Pro

The winter season can be a hard time for many because it usually means the beginning of the flu season. For many with a less than ideal immune system this can mean agony. Many people seem to get one cold right after another during the winter months and rather than get better they usually get worse. Many people actually have a lot of misconceptions about what causes the common cold. Many people believe that the actual colder temperatures have something to do this but the reality is that no study ever done has been able to show a correlation between temperature and the ability of the virus to reproduce. A better and more reliable theory is that the cold causes people to spend more time indoors where they are in closer proximity to each other and therefore sharing more germs. Washing your hands is the number one thing that you can do to prevent colds. Throughout the day you touch a myriad of objects and your both leave and pick up microbes on your hands. All it takes is touching your mouth or eyes to transfer the virus internally and become ill. Another very effective preventative treatment is to take a multivitamin every day. This is not intended to be a cure-all but will help to pick up on nutrition wherever your normal diet may have left off. There...

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4 Steps on How to Make Money on YouTube!

Making money online is becoming increasing exponentially easier in this day and age. There are literally thousands of ways you can make money online with very little experience. One of the best ways is through YouTube. You will not need to be a computer expert or website designer. All you need is a creativity and persistence. Here are 4 steps that will get you on the right track to success. 1. Be original You need to make videos that the public wants to watch. And nobody wanted to watch the same old ideas, that everyone copies from each other. Nobody in this world is like you, so the best way to originality is by letting your personality show in your videos. So try and find a topic / niche you're well versed in, and give something of value. Something that will entertain, make people laugh or cry, or simply learn, etc. 2. Keep at it "Nothing worth having come easy." Persistence is key. After you found a topic / niche of your interest, it's time to start making videos. It's up to you to decide how many videos you should produce each day, but a general starting rule is about 2-3 videos per week. This will be enough videos to keep your subscribers happy but it will not be so many that it overloads your workload which would cause...

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