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How Wide of a Cut Can a 10 Inch Miter Saw Make?

One question that a lot of people have when they are buying a miter saw is just how wide of a cut can be made with this particular saw. In this article we will look at how big a cut a 10 inch miter saw can make since they are by far the most common size. We will also discuss what you can do if you need to make a bigger cut. A standard 10 inch miter saw can handle cuts of up to six inches in most cases. There is however some variation in this so you will have to check your particular saw. If you look at your saw blade you will notice that it is wider in the middle than it is in at the bottom or the top, clearly the closer to the middle of the blade you can get when you are making the cut the wider you will be able to go. Some saws allow you to go deeper than others, particularly if you are using a compound miter saw. This will allow you to get another inch or so. That being said you should probably not expect to get more than six inches with a 10 inch miter saw. One thing to keep in mind is that the six inches that you get refers to a straight cut, this is something that...

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Facts About Scooby Doo

In the mid 60's parent groups started protesting about the Saturday cartoon – shows being too violent and the need of a child friendly program was interested. This is where Scooby Doo stepped in order to rescue the Saturday TV situation. Scooby Doo started off as an animated TV- series as early as year 1969. The original characters were Shaggy, Fred, Velma, Daphne and last but certainly not least, Scooby Doo. They all together form the members of a gang and calls themselves "Mystery Incorporated". However as the years went past new characters have been added to the series such as Scooby Doo's cousin Scooby-Dum and his nephew Scrappy-Doo. The main character, Scooby Doo is an animated talking dog. He is big and brown with some black spots for recognition and he's always wearing a blue collar with his initials written on it. His vocabulary is not great and he's got a speech impediment which results in most of his words to start with a R. So Scooby's classic phrase "Scooby Dooby Doo" sometimes sounds like "Rooby Rooby Roo" there before he prefers to use charades in most situations to make himself understood. Something that would also be handy to know about our deer dog character is his weakness for "Scooby Snacks" which are dog crackers, this usually puts Scooby in a good mood. Scooby's best friend is without...

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How To Remove Worm Virus With Spyware Cleaner

Once your computer is operating at a very slow pace, it will more than likely have been affected by a worm virus. As soon as this happens you very quickly need to seek help on how to remove worm virus with spyware cleaner. These viruses run silently in the background and will often not be detected by your security program. As they are produced and spread so quickly, it is often difficult for the security corporations to keep up with them. This results in the software sometimes not being available for download and therefore you have no protection. It can also be spread via internet through security holes in your system. The worm virus is usually active while you are working and so because the files are in use, they will normally not be deleted. It can be spread from one computer to the other by email or sometimes by the transfer of files to other computers. It can contain registry setups that will not allow you to remove the virus as this will affect the operating system, which will become cumbersome to use and often your entire system will become unusable. You should start with running a virus scan utilizing your anti-virus software program. Once a virus is found, restart the computer in a safe mode. You can achieve this by restarting the computer and upon restart, press...

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What Is RSS – The Difference Between RSS And A Blog

These are questions I am frequently asked: what is RSS and what is the difference between RSS and a blog. The answer is not as easy as you might think, but there is a fundamental difference. RSS stands for a number of different things, depending on what you read, but the popular version is “Really Simple Syndication”. It is actually short for ‘Rich Site Summary’ and is an XML format used to share content such as items of news between different web sites. It allows you to provide fresh ever-changing content on your website that refreshes itself even while you sleep. The word ‘syndication’ with reference to websites refers to the publication of an item to many other sites at the same time, which is probably where the popular version of the term arose. Using RSS, a website can let other web sites publish permitted content by posting a link to an RSS feed that the content they distribute can be read by other users using an RSS reader. So what’s the difference between RSS and a blog? In fact originally, RSS feeds came from blogs, and still accompany them in many instances. However, they are merely extensions of blogs, but are a different medium altogether. If you consider a blog, it is a single web page that is a log of a website, in the same way that...

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Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder Review

Having the weight of only 3.3 ounces, this super video camera is very portable and easy to use. With its slim body, you can even place it inside your pocket! Using it is totally a no-brainer. Just turn it on, press the red record button in the center and voila! You are now within reach of becoming a pro. It takes pride in its 720p (16: 9 wide screen) whenever you shoot. You can use this during a special event, or even on a normal day. Unlike the old video camera models, which use tapes like V8 or miniDV, this Mino HD does not need any of this. One great feature the Mino HD boasts is the 4 GB built-in memory that can hold up to 60 minutes of clear and crisp quality video. Just shoot and transfer the raw footage in your Mac or PC. It will definitely save you a stash of cash since you will no longer buy recordable tapes. When transferring, all you have to do is flip the USB 2.0 arm and plug it in the laptop or computer. It will directly start up the built in FlipShare Software. This special software allows you to watch, edit, save, and organize your videos. It can also directly upload your videos on popular websites like MySpace, Youtube, AOL video and so much more. Video clips can...

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