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Month: May 2018

Facebook Ad Power Review – A How-To For Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ad Power is the newest Facebook marketing product, put together by Ryan Deiss. It was bred out of the need to find traffic sources other than Google AdWords for Internet marketing, but the strategies can be applied to any marketing campaign, no matter the industry or niche. Facebook serves more than 38 billion ad impressions each and every month, and that number is only going up. The traffic itself is extremely high quality – oftentimes better than what can be found on Google itself. The difficult thing with Facebook Advertising has always been getting ad creative and landing pages approved. Facebook has always enforced terms of service that were exceptionally stringent, and that can be a big issue with people trying to get started. At the start, Facebook wasn’t very easy to use for marketers. The ads performed poorly and there wasn’t much of a return on investment. Sure, the clicks were cheap, but they didn’t perform. That tide has changed though. Now, with Internet marketers and big companies alike, Facebook marketing is the new buzzword phrase. And that’s what Facebook Ad Power is all about. Facebook Ad Power was built for one reason, to get you up and running fast. Normally, when you tackle a new ad platform, there are weeks spent testing campaigns and thousands of dollars wasted before you know what you’re doing. Ryan is...

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Mediocristan Vs Extremistan

In his book The Black Swan, Nassim Taleb develops two ideas, Mediocristan and Extremistan, to help explain his Black Swan Theory. Mediocristan is where normal things happen, things that are expected, whose probabilities of occurring are easy to compute, and whose impact is not terribly huge. The bell curve and the normal distribution are emblems of Mediocristan. For those not very familiar with statistics, the bell curve represents the normal distribution, where small, low-impact changes have the highest probabilities of occurring, and huge, wide-impact changes have a very small probability of occurring. Nature is full of things that follow a normal distribution. People’s heights follow a normal distribution. Imagine yourself walking down the street. If you see ten people, the odds are that most of them will be very close to average height, with only a small number being very short or very tall. This is a normal distribution. Mediocristan therefore constitutes the normal, the easy to predict, the expected, the small impact, the mundane. Exstremistan is a different beast. In Extremistan, nothing can be predicted accurately and events that seemed unlikely or impossible occur frequently and have a huge impact. Black Swan events occur in Exstremistan. Think of income distributions. Most people make close to an average salary, some people make less, but a few people make a huge amount. If you tried to calculate an average salary,...

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What's Your 'NetRep'?

The NetRep trend has been hitting the headlines again and sweeping the world of recruitment, taking unsuspecting applications by surprise. In today's highly competitive job market, it is not just prospective candidates that are 'Googling' target employers before making decisions on whether or not to accept a new position. In much the same way as you may research a potential employer following a job interview in case their digital reputation throws up any undesirable information, recruiters are now turning the tables. Increasingly recruitment decision makers are checking out a qualified suitability based on their online reputation through 'cyber vetting' and 'digging digital dirt'. Facebook and Twitter being particular favorites for 'information mining' With so many of us involved in online social networking sites such as MySpace, YouTube etc and with the current media fascination with Facebook, your NetRep is just important, if not more so, than your employment references. Your virtual 'references' are just a few scary clicks away. Managing your NetRep can be a concern, as highlighted by professional social networking site Viadeo in their promotional video that you can find posted on YouTube. Although a light hearted account of the potential damage your online reputation can have on your future, the message is clear and the statistics speak for themselves: 1 in 5 recruiters have searched for and found personal information about a candidate on the web...

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Take Steps To Curb Growth Of Bird Flu Virus

In the recent years, Avian Bird Flu has come out as one of the most deadly diseases, troubling the domesticated birds in large. Till date no vaccination or medication is ready against this life threatening viral disease. Scientists from all over the world are working in direction of formulating a flu vaccination. The vaccination if developed would be very effective against any of the strains of the bird flu virus. Through various studies it has been found that there are various strains and subtypes of these deadly viruses which are solely responsible for causing a havoc in healths of the birds. All the viruses differ from each other. They vary in their genetic composition and thus cause varying effects after multiplying in the host body. Some of them show minute symptoms like high fever, vomiting and nausea while the others can cause organ failure or even the death of the host body. These viruses are found to mutate very rapidly and thereby take the shape of more deadly and harmful viruses. Generally bird flu virus does not infect the human body. But H5N1 is a kind of virus that is known to exist in the mucous membranes of the human body. This is responsible for making humans the victim of bird flu. The bird flu virus is carried by the wild and the migratory birds like water fowl and...

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Remove Digital Protection Virus – Removal Guide

Digital Protection Virus has been around for sometime now just floating in the Internet waiting for its next unknowing victim. It is a rouge anti-spyware that promises nothing but trouble once installed in your computer system. You will know you have Digital Protection Virus on your computer when you start experiencing slowness in your machines performance. It will be difficult for you to connect to some websites. Once you do, you get redirected to a different site. You'll also start to see unfamiliar shortcuts. It is usually associated when we accidently visit sites that are harmful or if one engages in freeware sharing and even through P2P programs. That is why it helps to keep a watchful eye for suspicious web content. Digital Protection Virus acts just like any false anti-spyware, that once it becomes enabled in your computer it starts spreading malwares on files and documents that are pretty much harmless and conducts a scan of your computer and identifies them later on as dangerous virus and Trojans . After that, you will start receiving multiple pop-ups and warnings saying that your computer is infected and you will need to download the full program to be able to clean it up. You'll be prompted to purchase it. Do not believe it, because it just trying to steal your money. Downloading the program in its full version will not...

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