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Month: May 2018

How To Post Online Videos

Posting online video is a fairly simple process. Informative videos that will educate people about something new or a way to solve the problems work very well online. A video can be a real life recording of something you want to promote. For example if you are creating video on "better chess moves" you can show two player spelling the game with pawns moving and end the video with how the player with "that" move won the game. A video can also be a simple slide show of text that will educate the viewers about a process. It can be a 10 tips or 7 tips slide show with a call to action in the end. If you are good creating animation, it works very well too. There are many software applications available to convert the video into the kind of format that can be uploaded online. Where to upload the video, so that everyone can watch it? It entirely depends on what exactly you want to achieve from the online videos. If you have created the videos for the sole purpose of traffic generation, then you must post your videos online at several "video portals" such as, Google Video, These video portals receive millions of hits everyday. If you make the video with a call to action in the end, you will end up receiving thousands...

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Drive Traffic to Your Site Using YouTube

Make your Video There are 3 ways to make your videos 1. Use a camcorder, then transfer the video to your computer, where you can then edit it, with the editing software that came with the camcorder. 2. Most webcams come with software that allow you to record video and audio directly to your computer, then you can upload it to YouTube. 3. YouTube has an application built in called quick capture which can directly record your video to YouTube from your webcam. I would prefer to use the camcorder method, and then import it and edit it into my computer, so that I can watermark the video before, after, and throughout the video with my website url. Method 1 and 2 will require you to upload your marketing Video to YouTube manually. What on earth do I make my Videos about? Anything you want! It could be a How-To video on search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, even products that you offer for sale. But wait. It also could be a short movie, a comedy skit, a parody, even whats rolling around in your mind. If people enjoy it, they probably will check out your website. That is why I recommend that you watermark your video with your website url. So now your drawing traffic that would have never visited your site. Drive more traffic YouTube offers video community...

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Video Blogging – 3 Ways You Can Use a Webcam to Improve Your Vlog

One of the fastest ways a small business can get a video presence online is by signing up with a video sharing website such as YouTube and creating a video blog, a video version of your text blog, to provide vital information to their clients or customers. A video blog enables either yourself or someone from your company the ability to interact with your clients or customers by providing information, industry news and notification of events. With most Macbooks and Notebooks that are currently on the market, many are bundled with a webcam, internal microphone and video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker, on the Windows XP or Windows 7 platform, or Imovie in the ILife software suite on a new Apple laptop. If your laptop or desktop was not bundled with a webcam, there are many inexpensive webcams available online that range in prices as low as $ 10.00 to as high as $ 100.00. With these tools, you can create quick and easily produced video content for your small business. Three situations when a webcam is an easy and inexpensive tool to use are: 1) Reporting From the Road and Special Events When you are attending a trade show, conference, seminar or similar event you can provide valuable real-time information to your clients or customers by broadcasting from the event. With your webcam and laptop in...

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Make Beats To Sell – It's Easier Than You Think!

Today I'm going to talk a little about making beats to sell and just how easy it is for you to get started today. It does not matter if you've never made a beat before because the software you can use these days is so basic and most come with video training plus there are a huge amount of video tutorials on If you are new then this article is going to open your eyes up to something you may never have thought of. I'm talking about making beats to sell online. Did you know that artist and people from all around the world are in need for beats, loops and full tracks? And the market is hungry and HUGE! People need music for their songs, their tracks, background music for videos, music for games the list goes on and on. But how do you make a beat? This is where the power of technology and the internet come in because these days you can download software that is very easy to use and cost less than any instrument you would find in a music shop. You can pick up very good software that has everything you need for under $ 30 Once you have some beat making software it's as easy as making some cool beats or loops. After you've saved your music and made sure it...

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How To Master YouTube Advertising And Get Tons Of Traffic In 3 Minutes Flat

The competition for "YouTube advertising" has gotten tougher and tougher. If you've been struggling getting your videos in front of the right audience then you are definitely in the right place. In this article I'm going to share with you my proven low key yet highly successful technique that gets the right eyeballs on my killer videos. You want to make sure you read this all the way to the end because I've got golden nuggets embedded through this whole article. Now back in the day when I first got online in 2008, I was just coming in on the tail end of the wild wild west with YouTube. What I mean is back then YouTube advertising was so easy. All you had to do was make a video and swipe a bunch of keywords from your competitors and boom you got major traffic. Things have drastically changed since then. Not only is it more challenging for us in the make money online / home based business niche to get ranked on the 1st page because of the stiff competition, you are also dealing with those hats that flag your video and possibly get your channel shut down just because they do not like you or the company you are with. There's no workaround with that. Unfortunately it comes with the territory. See when I started making videos back...

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