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Month: March 2018

DIY Penis Rings for DIY Fun

In the world of male sex toys, the penis ring may well be the most popular and widely used. Even though dozens of manufactured rings are available, some men prefer to go with a homemade version. As long as attention is paid to ensure proper use and continued good penis health, homemade penis rings can be a fun DIY experience. Why homemade? There are a number of reasons why a man might prefer a DIY penis ring to one that can be purchased at a sex toy shop or online. Some of these reasons include: 1. Cost. There can be a wide variation in the cost for these special rings; a basic rubber model may be only a few dollars, but a more deluxe version with vibrating capability can easily go $20 or higher. Frugal shoppers may prefer a DIY method to save a few bucks to spend on a special date (or to stock up on condoms). 2. Embarrassment. Some men just don’t feel comfortable going into a store, standing in the sex toy aisles and then paying for a choice at the cashier. Even ordering online may be embarrassing for some men – or they may just not want to have it show up on their shared credit card statement. 3. Creativity. We are living in an increasingly DIY world; more and more, people like to individualize...

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Can Rabbits Change Gender / Sex?

I have seen this question on many forums and over heard breeders discussing the fact that their rabbit changed gender. In fact rabbits that have won awards at ARBA conventions as a doe, have been shown later only to find out it was actually a buck. Does this mean that a rabbit has changed sex? Amazingly in nature there are some instances where an animal can change its gender. Take for example a clown fish. Clown fish live in schools. Within that school is a leadership structure led be a female clown fish. When that clown fish dies, the highest male in leadership takes over for the female and changes gender including reproductive functions. This is however a rarity for this type of biological change to take place. In fact there are even more rare cases of humans that have changed gender as a result of either 5-alpha-reductase deficiency (5alpha-RD-2) or 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency (17beta-HSD-3). Rabbits do not fall into that strange and rare category of animals that change gender. A rabbit born a buck, will be a buck at 6 months, will be a buck at a year. A rabbit born as a doe will be a doe and 6 months, will be a doe at a year. At young ages it can occasionally be difficult for experienced breeders, and even more difficult for inexperienced breeders to sex a rabbit. The majority of “sex changed” rabbits...

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Create Viral Web Traffic For Free!

There is a large number of people on the Internet that website traffic is achieved through spending money, but this does not have to be the case. Article marketing is one way to drive traffic to your site and increase its search engine rankings. Article marketing is oftentimes referred to as ‘viral marketing’ because of its ability to spread across the Internet. Not all articles are suited for widespread use, though. Effective article marketing comes from creating articles that provide quality information relating to a specific niche. This spread happens when webmasters, publishers, and other web users use your content that you have submitted to article directories for their own sites and publications. Your resource box travels with the article, so your hyperlinks pointing to your website experience publicity beyond what you had initially targeted. There is no way to predict what sites and how many might pick up your articles, but the possibilities are endless! As your articles spread, your web traffic will increase, and the best part is that it came for free! You will also be able to see these benefits for years to come, depending on the quality of the directories that you submit to. If they keep archives, then your article can still be read by those searching for your information! Your articles allow you to display your knowledge about your subject, as you...

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Jock Itch or Herpes? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

A persistent groin itch is enough to make a sane man crazy, as part of the brain is always resisting the urge to scratch. Men with itchy, sore genitals might also be frightened of the cause of the itch, worried that the symptoms they’re experiencing might be due to something chronic, like herpes. While herpes is common, some cases of crotch itching are caused by more benign conditions, including jock itch. This article will outline the difference between herpes and jock itch and provide some penis health care tips that could help keep both conditions from causing aggravation. Jock Itch: Causes and Symptoms A tiny fungal spore, tinea cruris, is responsible for jock itch. Most fungus cells thrive in moist, damp conditions where light is sparse. Men who work out or otherwise engage in hot, steamy sports while wearing tight pieces of clothing create the perfect environment for this fungal infection. Symptoms can vary a bit from man to man, but most people with the infection report intense itching and pain centering on the inner thighs, buttocks or the groin. Herpes: Causes and Symptoms Herpes is considered a sexually transmitted disease, because contact with infected skin is necessary for the condition to take hold. Herpes can cause flu-like symptoms, including a fever and swollen lymph nodes. Those symptoms tend to appear in the days and weeks following infection, and...

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See A Need… Fill A Need

“If you see a need, fill a need”. This statement holds so much truth to it and I believe it deserves some well needed attention. It’s not just a catchy quote from some cute movie. Nothing that has ever been said in truth has not already been said by the One Who created all of creation. Of course we will never find these exact words persay, in the Bible, but we will find some scripture that advises us to do this very thing and why. Lately it seems that so many young people are just out in the world, doing their own thing and not giving any heed to the consequences they will one day create. I can’t blame this younger generation for doing what feels good to them if they have never been taught the true word of God. This is a subject that is coming into reality over the generations. As God’s Word is gradually decreasing in our lives, we as a whole started gravitating towards the law of the land and not those of a Supreme God. As a result, we have created a new generation of inconsiderate, selfish, lazy, ill tempered people with bad attitudes. In each generation where the instructions of life are not taught and learned, it grows increasingly worse as these children have children. Marriage is not even a prerequisite anymore. Now,...

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