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Month: February 2018

Pay Attention! A Quick Guide on Writing Well for Your Website

If you’re reading this now, it’s almost entirely down to whether you found the headline of this article engaging. Often overlooked, a headline that directly speaks to the reader can work wonders for your content, in ensuring your users take the time out of their busy day to read what you’ve got to say. Copyblogger is a free-to-use Content Marketing website that teaches its users how to create the best possible online content for their users – a study of theirs found that 8 out of 10 people read headline copy, yet only the remaining 20% went ahead to actually digest the article properly. With that in mind, it’s a given that you create strong, thought-provoking, and most importantly relevant headlines for your content, whatever it may be. It goes without saying, a strong headline is redundant without informative, evocative content to follow up with. Your site is your platform, and any content your feature will reflect on your business and how it is received. A vital first step to take with your content is to make sure that you are succinct and to the point. If your writing poses questions that don’t get answered for another 500 words, or even at all, it should come as no surprise that readers lose interest and will look elsewhere. Additionally, if your posts aren’t 100% accurate at the time of writing,...

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The Unreliable Narrator – Analysis of the Story Emergency

The fictional and adventurous story, Emergency, is written by Denis Johnson in the first-person, and unreliable form of narrative. During this stimulating and fictional short story, Dennis Johnson emphasizes the confessional nature as one which lacks credibility. The lack of such credibility comes in the form of: untrustworthiness, incomplete information, and hallucination, which at times stem from the use of drugs, infantile immaturity, lies, deception, mistakes, or even manipulation. ZZ Packer states in one of her analysis entitled, A Conversation on Writing, “The power of the first-person point of view… is a confessional storytelling voice” (Delbanco184). She continues her analysis by summarizing such narrative as being based on: unreliability, ignorance, personal bias, intentional deception, and even insanity existing in the narration by the unreliable narrator (196). For example, in the fictional story Emergency; Johnson begins with, “I’d been working in the emergency room for about three weeks, I guess” (Creative Writing 272). He continues, “I just started wondering…coronary care…cafeteria…looking for Georgie…he often stole pills from the cabinets” (272). The confessional nature of the first-person “I” is obvious in this unreliable narrative point of view as the story unfolds the relationship with Georgie and the unreliable narrator. Furthermore, the incomplete nature of the unreliable story teller is associated with symbolic drug use and/or abuse. The narrator states, “…Georgie, the orderly, [is] a pretty good friend of mine; he often stole...

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How Using Dirty Talk With Your Boyfriend Can Make Your Sex the Best Ever!

Ladies, if you want to talk dirty with your boyfriend but you aren’t sure how, then this guide can help. I want you to know that you don’t need to be intimidated when using erotic talk. It might be a bit scary at first, but once you get used to it it can open up a whole new level of lovemaking. So many couples are already using this type of talk to enhance their sex life. And you can too! So what are you waiting for? Here are some tips that can help. The first thing you want to do is sit down with your boyfriend and let him know that you want to try using this type of talk. This way it won’t come as a shock. You can both discuss what words are acceptable, and what words may make either of you feel uncomfortable. This works as a great icebreaker! Now that it is time to talk dirty, I want you to take a deep breath, relax, and do your best to let the words flow. Every single woman on the planet has a naughty side, and now is the time to tap into yours. Go ahead and let your inner bad girl out right now. You may also want to brush up on your naughty words. You want to avoid sounding clinical. It’s okay to watch...

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Make Money Online Easily With This Method Working From Home

Do you want to learn how easily it is to make money online? If you are a newbie or even experience and actually looking for a real method to make some serious money online everyday 7 days a week working only 15 minutes a day then keep reading… With this method I am about to reveal to you if you do the work and put in the effort you could reach a significant amount of daily income. The potential how much income can be limitless! I’d recommend you do this and work at least 15 minutes twice a week on it just to be consistence and will see the money roll in. This method includes having your own website that will get super targeted traffic that will come from all over the internet. Mostly traffic from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. That’s the trick… to use all the popular sites that the masses hangout on. Anyways.. here it for those who want to actually make their first dollar with something that is guarantee to work. You will need the FOLLOWING: 1-You need a domain name, 2-You need a Hosting provider 3-You need to do keyword research 4-You need to create a website 5-You need to monetize pages with plugins and widgets 6-You need to add content with value 7-You need to add display advertisement and affiliate offer to pages 8-You...

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