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Month: January 2018

Guitar Lesson – 4 Chords Songs For Beginners

Learning guitar chords are an essential part in learning to play the guitar, and mastering all the different chord fingerings can take a great deal of time too. But what if I told you that you could start playing popular songs just by learning four simple chords? Yes, you really can and in this article we will be looking at three popular songs that only uses four chords. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton is a great example of what simple four chords can do to create an evergreen song. The entire song is made out of just the chords G, D, C and E minor. The song cycle through the chord sequence of G, D, C and D for the Intro and the verse before changing to a sequence of C, D, G, Em, C, D, C and D for the chorus. This is a slow tempo song so beginners who haven’t yet learn many strumming pattern will still be able to play it quite easily. Zombie by The Cranberries When I was starting out, this is one of the songs that I use to play when jamming with my buddies. The entire song cycle through the chords E minor, C, G and D. This is a perfect song for every beginner because strumming wise, you can get away just by playing down strum...

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Chemical Vs Laser Fat Removal – What is the Difference?

I often see questions online in which it is asked which is better for fat removal….lipodissolve or Smartlipo? On the surface, this is a bit perplexing because they are rather different methods and concepts for selective body contouring of unwanted fat. But given the exposure that both have had from marketing in the past five years, it is actually not surprising that many are confused and uninformed. The common thread that ties the two together, besides being used to treat fat, is that they are advertised as not being ‘surgery’ and can be done under local anesthesia or in the office. While this is partially true, this superficial perception covers up some more significant differences. Lipodissolve is an injectable office treatment that relies on a chemical interaction to break down fat cells. To not cause too much inflammation and tissue necrosis, the required amount of chemical solution can not be put in all at once. As a result, a series of injections is needed spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart. It will usually take at least 3 injection sessions to begin to see an effect. While an injection sounds more kind to one than actual surgery, the reality is that the injected area will swell considerably (double in size) and will remains so for a week. While this chemical approach to fat reduction does have an effect, my...

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My 10 Best MIDI TV Themes

One thing I like the most about the internet is the immense volume of free down loadable MIDI music from various locations. Also, the variety of MIDI music available in the web is almost limitless. They range from classical to pop to rock music. Think of any song or music and chances are you’ll find one lurking somewhere in the web. Thanks to the musicians who took effort in arranging these music and uploading them to the Internet. My favorites of course, are the wide selection of movie and TV themes available in MIDI format. Ever since we were little boys me and my brothers love to hum, sing or play our favorite TV or movie themes. We even played this game where one of us hum or play the theme and we guess the TV show or movie it was taken. Most of the themes I will feature here are 1980’s classic. Maybe one reason for this is that, during my teenage years (which is in the 1990’s), they stopped making the type of shows that I came to love during my childhood days – which is the 1980’s. (I was really disappointed when they stopped airing McGyver.) Of course, they tried to revive some of the classic TV shows, like Star Trek (I lost count of the versions they have made), but I thought none could surpass...

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300 Sequel on the Way

You thought a 300 sequel was impossible, right? All the 300 Spartans are dead near the story teller, how can they live to fight another day? Well they can not. This sequel takes place after the Battle of Thermopylae right before the Battle of Plataea and into the epic battle of course. This film might possibly come out in 2010 and they may start filming towards the end of this year if we're lucky. Zach Snyder will direct this one, so we are pretty sure it will have mind blowing cinematography and story telling. Frank Miller is currently working on the graphic novel that will inspire the film to greatness. While the Battle of Plataea is not quite as epic as Thermopylae as far as odds are concerned, it is still a huge battle in it's own right. You know with Frank Miller's added creativity it will be more stylized than the actual battle. The only thing is they will need a big star to lead the Spartan army. Casting has not started yet but I'm sure they'll do a good job like on the last film. The odds were still astonishing at 3: 1 in favor of the Persians. The Persian's army numbered around 300,000 whereas the Spartan / Greek army totaled around 100,000. "A paltry 3 to 1" as the narrator said in the original film. There...

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Where is the Female G-spot?

Finding the g-spot can be a fun and wonderful pleasure-filled activity for you and your partner. Once you find it, you can experiment with it, just like you did when you first started to masturbate, until it feels really good. When you first start to stimulate it, it can make you have to pee, it can go numb, and it can also start to hurt. All of these experiences are normal. First you will want to find the g-spot by yourself. To do this either lay down or squat on your bed / couch and insert one or two fingers into your vagina. The g-spot will be on the frontal vaginal wall (closest to your belly button) about 1-2 inches in. It will feel different than anywhere else, like the roof of your mouth, and once you have found it then you can start to rub it. Remember, any of the above mentioned feelings or sensations are completely normal. When you have these feelings, just move onto something else, like clitoral stimulation or whatever until the feeling stops. Once you have found it, it may be hard to stimulate it correctly with your fingers, so it may be useful to have a toy that is designed to stimulate the g-spot. These are relatively inexpensive and work amazingly! Have fun in exploring your g-spot by experimenting with different toys, motors,...

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