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Month: December 2017

How to Detect Computer Viruses

The world is more connected nowdays than before. Research show that there are more than one million computers connected to the internet.1.5 Million to be precise. Although this is good news, there is the danger of computer viruses spreading within the sane system at a very alarming speed rate. You may wonder how this happens. All the spread of viruses occurs mostly when people are browsing. It can happen even where the system has been compromised. It is easy to detect computer viruses. Should you notice that your computer is becoming slower than the normal speed, know that there is a possibility that your computer is infected with a virus. Such viruses aim at controlling the whole computer so they will try and occupy as much space as possible. Viruses are very notorious at times defying even the warning signals set by the Microsoft Word or Firefox which informs the computer of any invention. They will attack any computer at the slightest chance. If you notice that you computer is starting on its own or its changing programs without you commanding it, then know that there is a virus attack. The virus is sometimes smart and may corrupt the computer to start on its own so that it can infect as much programs of the computer as possible. If you notice that your computer is under the attack of...

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Sexual Health: 5 Diets That Can Chill Your Sex Drive

Has the fire gone out of your sex life? Wondering how to rekindle your relationship and kick-start your physical connection? Ready to try something new? It’s time to think about what you’re eating and how it affects your libido, hormones, and sex drive. Contrary to popular belief, simply taking pills or undergoing costly surgery for a quick fix is not the answer to regaining youthful sexual energy. In fact, pills and surgery can actually weaken your kidneys and reproductive organs, depleting your sex drive. The most reliable long-term solution for a healthy libido is adhering to a macrobiotic diet and avoiding the foods that cool down your libido. Not only is it important to choose nutritious whole grains and vegetables, they must also be balanced energetically. To strengthen your reproductive organs and boost sexual energy, avoid these five diets at all costs: 1. Vegan Diets Many people believe that avoiding meat is the answer to health and long life, but it doesn’t do much for your sex drive. A vegan diet can be ungrounded and destabilizing if you include sugar, processed food, or poor quality fats. An all-vegetable diet has cooling properties, which can be refreshing in hot weather but can deplete your body over the long term. Eating warming foods once a week, such as fish, can help balance the cooling quality of vegetables. 2. Atkins-like Diets Although...

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How To Give Your Woman A No-Touch Orgasm By Phone Sex (3 PROVEN Techniques!)

Women can have NO-TOUCH orgasms! They can experience this by having you talk to them (with no touching) by texting them, instant messaging them, or even PHONE SEX! Once you learn the technique you can use it with any type of medium. Learn this PROVEN METHOD today! This is an exciting technique and concept. You can use parts or all of this technique in so many ways! 1st Tip. Make her feel comfortable. Too many people, even women, start in too far, too fast. There’s a time to be crude and use vivid language and a time to wait. Start out with some momentum and make her feel comfortable. Then, once she knows that you respect her. Nobody wants to totally be thought of as a sex object. The woman could tell you that she doesn’t want phone sex, yet love it when you do it in the right way. The point is to start slowly. 2nd Tip. Getting her hot! Now start at her mouth (actually her head) and head south. Ask her about her greatest unfulfilled fantasy or a sex game she’d like to try. The more you can get her to talk, the more you’ll turn her on. If she asks what you’d like to do with her, then describe a very romantic scene. Give her details and set the scene with smells, feelings, taste, and...

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Flossing – What is it All About?

A lot of people may brush there teeth but not floss, why ?. With flossing it can remove old tracks of food that get stuck between your teeth, under the gum line or if you wear braces it can remove the food passages from there too. For the type of dental floss to use, it is probably best if you consult your dentist as everyone's teeth are different. They will also show you the best way of how to floss. The last thing you want to do is damage your gums because either you are using the wrong type of floss or flossing the wrong way. Unwaxed dental floss is generally good, as it gets into real small gaps. But in general take care when flossing. Flossing will take time, especially when you first start, you have to put the floss in between each tooth and gently move it back and forth until you reach the gum line then curl it round each tooth and glide the floss up and down the sides . In these days we are all rushing about, but you do need to take the extra time to look after your teeth, flossing is not a quick fix and is something you need to do everyday. If you keep a regular routine of brushing, using mouthwashes, flossing and regular check up at the dentist you...

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The Culture Of Free In A Digital Universe

Who among us doesn’t like getting something for free? Whether times are tough or not most of us appreciate not paying for something we want or like. The world wide web has taken this to new heights. There are all sorts of sites with all sorts of content which we access for free. Music, Art, Entertainment, Books, Sports, Games… you name it. In fact, how many of you when faced with a pay-wall for premium content simply decide to go elsewhere? I know – I’ve done the same thing. You probably have to really want the content to decide to pay for it, because in most cases you can get what you’re after somewhere else for free. But this “free” content does have a price. The creators of the content certainly incur expenses in order to produce the content. So, how is it that there’s so much content available for “free”? There are several dynamics at play. In most cases the owners of large web site operations are able to monetize the traffic they receive by selling advertising, which allows them to offer content for free. If you’re able to prove that you get millions of visits each day, advertisers find this valuable and are willing to pay for the privilege of being visible on the site. Or they pay for the clicks they receive on the ads displayed...

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