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Month: November 2017

Teaching Kids About Service

During the holidays children become a little more aware of giving, but in a very tangible way. They like to give gifts to family and friends knowing they will most likely get something in return. Unfortunately, there are two crucial elements missing. The first element is the mindset of giving a gift with absolutely no expectation of getting something in return. Plus, in American culture all too often the mindset is on getting a gift that’s “good enough” for the recipient. Contrast this with traditional Japanese culture where the person gives the gift in a humble fashion, because they know no gift is truly worthy of the recipient. Completely different mindset. The second element, and the more important one, is thinking in terms of service. Most kids think service is something you get at a restaurant. When I talk to groups of kids I ask them if they’ve ever held the door for someone. Most have. Then I ask them how it made them feel to hold the door for that person. Typically they say it made them feel good. Then I ask how they think the other person felt. Again they respond that it makes them feel good. I take it one step further and tell them it makes them feel recognized. That’s what service boils down to, recognizing the needs of others and doing what you can...

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What Is Medical Transcription All About?

Medical transcription can provide a steady volume of work and as a result can be an excellent work-at-home opportunity. There are pitfalls, however, and it's important to investigate this career opportunity thoroughly, and the online medical transcription schools, before making making a decision to pursue this career choice. But let's get real. Really real. Getting started in medical transcribing Medical transcription is a great work-at-home job and has been for years. If you are looking for a work at home job as a medical transcriptionist, be aware that it can be very difficult to get your first job. The most important decision you will make after deciding whether or not you want to become a medical transcriptionist is what transcription school to select. If you have already graduated from a medical transcription course, you may be having difficulty finding someone who will hire you. This is one reason why the right school is so important. Some schools work with employers to ensure that their graduations will be hired. Others have internship or apprenticeship programs, and / or placement counselors. If your school does not have any of these, getting your first job will be difficult. If employers have had negative experiences with graduates from the school you chose to attend, you will have difficulty getting a job. Therefore, it really is important to select a school that you know...

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All About Beijing Duck

OK so you've climbed the Great Wall, wandered through the Forbidden City, taken photos in the Temple of Heaven, walked through the gardens of the Summer Palace and completely ignored Wangfujin street. Now it is time for you to eat Beijing's most classic dish, the Beijing Duck. Beijing Duck is famous, has a distinguished history, an exquisite taste and is a culinary icon SO before partaking in this mouth watering dish, pause your chopsticks and first develop a well deserved appreciation of the delicacy you are about to feast on. History The origin of roasted duck can be traced back to Northern and Southern Dynasties period (420-589) when these hapless birds where roasted in the Jinling area where modern day Nanjing is located. The Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368) were gourmets and took the custom of roast duck with them when they packed their bags and set up house in Beijing. The Inspector of the Imperial kitchen (what a job!) Hu Sihui listed roast duck among the imperial dishes in the "Complete Recipes for Dishes and Beverages" that he wrote in 1330. This early cookbook even included the cooking process. Up until the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) ducks were roasted in a conventional convection oven where the duck was hung from the oven ceiling and roasted over burning wood. Duck cooked this was said to be crisp and golden brown with tender...

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Jelq Video – Where to Find a Jelq Video

A jelq video should visually show you how to perform jelqing or the jelq technique which is an exercise to increase penis size. Unfortunately most videos out there are “text only” videos, which do not provide any visuals. So where can you find a jelq video which visually shows you how to perform the exercise? There’s two places to find a good jelq video online: 1. Popular video sharing sites. YouTube is an example of a popular video site where you can find visual training on a number of different practices and exercises. You can find a video explaining how to jelq, but you’ll have to sift through many of the aforementioned, “text only” videos. This is the catch with searching popular video sharing sites. There is a lot of non informative videos to sift through before you find a few good visual based instructional videos. But this is a free option, so the search can be worth it. Another thing to keep in mind, is that you are not going to find explicit videos which show the “real deal”. These will be banned from popular sites due to their explicit nature. Instead you will find “creative safe for work” videos utilizing bananas and other objects to demonstrate the jelqing technique. 2. Pay Membership Sites. These are essentially jelqing programs which you have to pay for to obtain access...

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How to Use YouTube For Link Building

Consistently building one way back links to ones sites or blogs typically results to improved Page Rank and subsequent higher targeted traffic. Getting the nods of the major search engines are one of the benefits of having quality and relevant one way back links because there will also be more awareness of the brand of such online business and many other people will begin to connect to such site or business from these links. YouTube is one of the ways you can successfully use to build quality back links to your website or blog. Your journey to start getting one way back links from YouTube videos start by simply creating quality videos. The video has to be simple but very professionally made without flaws. It is easier to create professional videos today than it was some years back because you can now easily get any of the low cost or even free video software and pad it up with licensed music online. If this option is not for you, you can opt for outsourcing your video creation needs to other professional who will create the videos for you at some fees. You can get them at Scriptlance or oDeck. There are many ways you can use the videos you create or the ones that are created for you to brand your business online. One of them is that your...

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