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Month: September 2017

Learning About Credit Counseling As a Debt Relief

With personal debt problems and obstacles affecting the way that we live good lives, many are now turning to effective debt relief options available to them, and credit counseling is among the best ways to help us turn our debts around for the better. Although there are other attractive options as well, such as debt settlement, debt relief loans, bankruptcy, and others, credit counseling is one alternative that really sets down with them and take time to talk things over and find realistic solutions that people deep in debt can achieve satisfactorily. Credit counseling is a debt relief option for those with serious financial problems that stemmed from a lack of a positive mindset and discipline in handling their finances and monthly obligations, especially those without a proper plan on how they would go about their money and their regular expenses . Most firms offer this particular service with the objective of helping individuals to cope up with their debt problems; they may encourage debtors to make one direct payment to them which will then be distributed to creditors. The significance of credit counseling services can not be stressed well enough. People unwillingly (and at times unconsciously) with their heavy credit card debt problems can benefit much from under credit counseling so that they can finally find their way back to debt relief and get out of that deep...

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Bunny Love: Benefits of Rabbits as Pets

Are you thinking of adopting a rabbit for a pet? We don’t blame you–rabbits are very cute animals, who can give you many years of affection and amusement. However, be sure you are ready for the responsibilities of taking care of this animal. While they are certainly easier to manage than dogs, they still require some attention. For example, rabbits molt four times a year, so be prepared for a little fur on your sofa every few months. They’ll need hay, a litter box, and a cage (clean frequently with white vinegar to remove odors). If you use hay or woodstove pellets for their litter boxes, you can use these to fertilize your garden when it’s time for a litter change. When you own a rabbit, you need to accept that a little nibbling is part of the territory. Protect electric cords with casings (available at hardware stores) since the poor pets may get quite a shock if they try to test their teeth on them! You should also be willing to pamper your rabbit with petting and play (rabbits get depressed if they don’t get enough exercise). Rabbit gyms are available in pet stores. They have tube tunnels that will encourage your pet to run and race, even if you can’t let him out in the garden. Those tube tunnels will also make an interesting conversation piece for...

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How To Boost Your Rats Immunity

As winter approaches, it’s important to turn our attention to how we can boost our rat’s immunity against infection and give them the best defence possible during what is often a vulnerable time for rats, especially the elderly. High humidity, coupled with the cold can create the conditions that affect the respiratory system of a vulnerable rat. This is due to the increase in the water element which can aggravate mucus conditions or those susceptible to them. It’s important to be aware that there is a greater need to balance the water element within the bodily system at this time, so that we can increase the body’s ability to cope with damp and coolness. In Ayurveda (an ancient Indian healing system based on maintaining balanced health), there is more aggravation of the water element during the winter months. There is a tendency for more mucus conditions to flare up. Therefore, it’s important to try and offset this tendency by creating ‘internal’ balance within the body whilst adjusting ‘external’ conditions to lower stress. We can do this by addressing the environmental factors that may aggravate a watery condition e.g. by using a dehumidifier, also avoiding sweet wet food, reducing stress and incorporating various immune building strategies (as suggested below). Some rats are more affected by an aggravation of the water element than others, especially those who have already been having...

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Help! I Have Chronic Halitosis!

What is chronic halitosis? The most common cause of chronic halitosis (chronic bad breath) is an oral condition such as bacterial build up in the mouth, a cavity, or abscess. Another possible cause is bacteria that produce volatile sulfur compounds on the tongue which can occur either because your body produces too much naturally, or from a high protein diet. Another common cause of chronic halitosis is dry mouth. All the conditions mentioned above are breeding grounds for the bacteria that cause bad breath. But there are cures for chronic bad breath which we’ll get into later. To start, since you may be immune to the smell of your breath, the easiest way to determine if you have chronic halitosis is to ask someone you trust, like a spouse, parent or sibling. Causes of chronic halitosis If your suspicions of halitosis are confirmed there are some easy and effective cures for chronic bad breath, but first you must know what is causing it. Some common causes include: o Odorous foods, foods high in protein and even coffee can cause chronic halitosis. o Cavities, decay, abscesses and gum disease can also create bad breath. o Tobacco use o Alcohol and alcohol-based mouth washes o Allergies, sinus problems and the common cold o Infrequent or incorrect brushing and flossing o Body over producing bacteria is another cause of chronic halitosis. o...

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