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Month: June 2017

Série com Curicaca-Comum (Theristicus caudatus) – Sequence with the Buff-necked ibis – Bandurria Común, Bandurria, Tutachi – 19-08-2012 – IMG_4455

Curicaca-Comum – (Theristicus caudatus) Buff-necked ibis – Bandurria Común, Tutachi. Photographed at “Parque da Cidade”, in Brasília, Brazil. You can see a small video clip, clicking in this next addresses: at?v=We07AauIxYQ at?v=E_BByDVvwxc Curicaca-Comum – (Theristicus caudatus) Buff-necked ibis – Bandurria Común, Tutachi. Fotografados no Setor Policial Sul – SPO, em Brasília, Brasil. Você pode ver um pequeno vídeo, clicando nos endereços a seguir: at?v=We07AauIxYQ at?v=E_BByDVvwxc Curicacas-comum no Parque da Cidade, em Brasília, em Brasília, Brasil A textual content, in english, from IBISRING Buff-necked ibis (Theristicus caudatus). seventy four cm. Searching like a heron, it...

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All About Lace Wigs – Dazzle Every person!

Every time you want to dazzle persons all-around you with a new seem, hairstyle variations are the first detail that arrives to most of us. A new colour, new size or some normal waves could surely make you the middle of interest, no make a difference wherever you go. Even so, there is 1 trouble: hair variations usually arrive with a value. It splits at the finishes, develop into dry and lifeless, loses its glow or starts off slipping. I am positive no girl wants to problems her most seen asset: the hair. Only we know how hard is to expand extended, beautiful and wholesome hair, you should not we, women? There are several possibilities that can assist us reach good hairstyles, these kinds of as hair extensions (bonded or sewn), but they are rather restricted and they hardly ever supply a hundred% normal looks. Lace wigs can effortlessly provide you with overall flexibility and the opportunity to participate in with different colours and textures when keeping a extremely normal seem. Everyone can generate the illusion of hair rising right from the scalp. Hold in mind there will be no surgical hair alternative interventions or other invasive techniques lace wigs are straightforward to use and generate the most outcome when it arrives to excellent hairstyles. In the commencing, these expertly hand made wigs had been predominantly used by film...

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By way of darkness to gentle: Photographs along the Underground Railroad

By way of Darkness to Mild: Photographs Along the Underground Railroad,” a traveling exhibition by photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales offers a exceptional sequence of photos taken in the lifeless of night that reveal historic web-sites, towns and destinations that liberty-seekers handed as a result of, together with properties of abolitionists who offered them sanctuary. Supply...

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